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Minicam Group is a group of companies. Each company in the group is endorsed by the Minicam Group.


The Minicam Group of companies has a shared purpose:


To use our industry experience and customer feedback to continually innovate waste water pipeline inspection and maintenance solutions for challenging environments, producing smart, user-friendly, robust, equipment to keep our customers working.

About Us


United Kingdom

Minicam specialises in the manufacture and distribution of Pipeline Inspection Systems including Proteus Crawlers, SOLO PRO+ Push Cameras and Reporting Software. Our headquarters in Manchester, house a service centre, our main assembly operations, and our custom van-fit capability. Our Dartford Site houses our Southern Service Centre where Minicam service and repair is available with minimum downtime.

Minicam Headquartersin Salford



Acquired by Minicam in January 2024, Sewertronics is a provider of pipe renovation solutions that enhance the capabilities of contractors and municipalities to maintain their wastewater network. Bringing innovative UV LED curing equipment, UV rigs and a complete range of electrically driven working robots to the market.

Dancutter facility in Denmark



Acquired by Minicam in June 2021, Dancutter produces robotic cutters for cutting, grinding, and milling in all materials for example PVC, liner, cement, concrete, cast iron or steel. Our skilled designers, engineers, and production operatives are backed up by an admin, marketing, and sales team. The cutters are made at the Viborg site in Denmark, Dancutter trusted distributors offer training, service, and support is also available for customers across the world.

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